CRC Good relations week is coming up and Youth Link will be facilitating two workshops on the common good and how we can shape the kind of society we want. The details of these are set out below.  This will be a great opportunity for engagement with other community leaders and youth workers.

Invite_Pursuing the common good_A workshop exploring how to build a shared vision of our future_17 Sept 2018

  1. “Pursuing the common good: Building a shared vision of our future” is on the 17th September at the Duncairn Centre. This is being hosted in partnership with Community Dialogue and ForthSpring Inter Community Group. We are inviting youth and community leaders and practitioners to join us for a workshop that will test the common good as an ethical framework for envisioning the future and agreeing the kind of society we want. Through a process of facilitated dialogue the workshop will identify and engage with the challenges of pursuing the common good and empower participants to reach consensus on the issues dividing them.

Invite_ Pursuing the common good_the role of youth work_19 Sept 2018

  1. “Pursuing the common good: The role of Youth work” is on the 19th September at Youth Link. This workshop is aimed more specifically at youth workers. It will provide the space for those  from diverse backgrounds, with different perspectives, to come together to think through the challenges; explore the concept of the common good; and what this means for envisioning a shared and inclusive society, that promotes positive relationships between and across communities. It aims to develop a practical response to these challenges and how, together, we can contribute to promoting the common good.