Our CONNECT training programme with CIYD & IMYC is kicking off for 2021 with this morning session together with The Big House Ireland online – it will be an interactive and helpful time together with professionally trained folks who will help us explore key issues.

You will of course be allowed a lengthy tea break but we can’t provide nice coffee for you – sorry ! We know that everyone is “Zoomed out” but this honestly will be a useful time together – this is for YOU and YOUR walk with God as much as it is about journeying alongside our young people – please make a note in your diary to show up, we don’t care if you are in your pyjamas no one will know !

Wednesday 24th February, 10am-12pm

INTO THE DEPTHS: Pastorally reaching out; and journeying alongside young people impacted by the deep ripples of Covid-19.

We have heard directly from young people and youth leaders’ about the impact of Covid-19, and the depth of their loss, worry, disappointment, fear, chaos and uncertainty that, at times, has felt overwhelming.

What has the last year been like for you, and the young people you serve?  As youth practitioners, called to be like Jesus, how can we effectively and safely reach into our young peoples’ deepest depths and pastorally care well with the same love, hope, help and comfort of Jesus? At the same time, how can we care well for ourselves?

Join us, alongside the team from The Big House, as we share and reflect on the pandemic and the impact it has had on us and our young people.  Discuss how we can pastorally journey alongside our young people, whilst also the taking time to allow ourselves to be ministered and cared for.

In this webinar, together we will:

1)  investigate how Covid-19 has been affecting areas of life for ourselves and young people in Northern Ireland.

2) consider our spiritual and practical response as Christian youth leaders in this time.

This will be an informal and safe space to share experiences, learn from one another, be informed, encouraged and practically equipped (all whilst looking to the example of Jesus).

There will be an opportunity for prayer ministry after the training.