Firstly, it is important to acknowledge that youth ministry never stopped! The creative and innovative ways many churches, leaders, youth workers, etc across Ireland supported and continue to support young people during the Covid-19 pandemic is a testament to their faith in God, passion, resilience, and commitment.

Now as we move through this crisis, looking ahead, we can begin to look to the future and how – on a carefully managed and phased basis – we can restart youth ministry activities over the coming weeks. It is important that we look at restarting youth ministry activities, however small, without any unnecessary delays, based on the latest government advice at the time – for the good of our young people’s socialisation, faith development, and mental health. This document aims to give a pathway forward to practical youth ministry based on the guidance given to the public by both RoI and NI governments.

Simon Henry, National Youth Officer – Church of Ireland Youth Department

Click here to download guide: GUIDANCE FOR RESUMING YOUTH MINISTRY