“A Recipe for faith is a 40 day devotional for young people and teenagers. This book deals with issues of worry, anxiety and fear from the perspective of David found in Psalm 34. Could you imagine being on the run from the King and his army? In your quest for refuge you flee to the most unlikely place in a desperate attempt to find safety. You’re afraid, very afraid. Once this fearful moment has passed, God speaks and you write this Psalm.

Psalm 34 will be an incredible encouragement to you as you find your way through the ups and downs of life. It’s in the busyness of everyday life that God wants to talk to us; where we’re battling fear or when life is stretching us beyond our ability to cope.

This devotional is written so that you will discover a fresh connection with Father God. By digging deep into His words we are going to be inspired with God’s perspective on those negative fears that don’t do us any good. He wants to lead us into a place of faith, so that we will know what to do when fear comes knocking. Hopefully you’ll see this as a chat between friends, looking at our lives, having a laugh and gaining strength for the fight. Why not join me in conversation? Otherwise I’ll just be talking to myself!”

Inspire devos

Paul Martin
Youth Pastor
Magheralin Parish