Books for Young People


Run baby run – Nicky Cruz

Cruz’s classic testimony is still compelling reading more than forty years after its first publication. A childhood overshadowed by spiritualism in his Puerto Rican home preceded a harsh and violent adolescence as the leader of one of New York’s toughest street gangs. Chilling scenes of knife fights, torture and murder dominated the life of a young man proud and feared on the outside, but inwardly running scared.

His fears and loneliness were brought to the surface through an encounter with the unlikely character of preacher David Wilkerson, who led Cruz to open his life to Christ – an incredible conversion that amazed all who knew him.

The Teenage Prayer Experiment Notebook – Miranda & Noel Threlfall-Holmes

This is an interactive and experiential journal introducing prayer practices to teenagers. Each chapter of the book introduces a prayer practice, for example using labyrinths, Lego Bible modelling, prayer beads or prayer walking. It also includes comments by teenagers who have tried it out and space for the young person to record their own thoughts.

Stand Strong Boys’ Devotional – (CWR)

Few people understood how tough life can be better than the guys in the Old Testament. They stood up to tyrants, faced up to famine, trekked across deserts, climbed mountains and fought armies. And they did it all with God. Join lion-taming Daniel, escaping Elijah, and a whole host of fearsome Judges as they rise up to face each day with boldness and courage. It provides daily Bible reading passages that will bring you right into the middle of the action. You’ll be challenged each day to live for and with God in the Engage sections. And there are plenty of prayers to get you going in the right direction. It offers 60 days devotional for boys aged 11-15 years. It includes extracts from popular YPs series.

Wholehearted Girls’ Devotional – (CWR)

Passionate, complete, unfaltering faith…It’s all about the heart! This bright compact book is absolutely bursting with 60 days’ worth of inspiring stories, eye-opening Bible passages and guiding prayers. Readers will explore engaging topics such as dealing with pressure and rising up to challenges; asking honestly what we put first in our daily lives; meeting and knowing Jesus personally, and how God’s wise words in the Bible can change the course of our lives if we -wholeheartedly – believe and follow them. It offers 60 days devotionals for girls aged 1-15 years. It includes extracts from popular YPs series.

The Case for Christ (youth edition) – Lee Strobel

A highly readable, thoroughly engaging, and spiritually challenging version designed both for teenagers who are Christians and those seeking the truth about Jesus. This creative and fast-paced book follows Strobel, an investigative reporter, on email interviews as he unearths convincing evidence that faith in Jesus Christ of Nazareth is not based on wishful thinking or fabricated legends, but on solid historical facts.

Awesome on the inside – Tim Hawkins

How can you grow to become the person that you were destined to be? How can you achieve your full potential? Written for teenagers of the 21st century, Tim explores the Bible so that you can discover the big things that God wants you to do with your life. In this book you can discover how the bible show us we can grow a heart that is powerful, prayerful, passionate, pure and positive.