Who Are We?

Church of Ireland Youth Department acts as the Churches governing body for all matters relating to work with young people (aged 13 – 25 years) across the Church. As an all-Ireland youth organisation, CIYD relates not only to the Church of Ireland but Irish and Northern Irish government departments and agencies. We work in close collobration with a number of youth service providers and in particular we support the work of the Church’s Diocesan youth scene.

Why We Do Our Work?

We believe that for many young people effective and well resourced youth work can change lives…practically, emotionally and above all spiritually. We understand that the challenge and comfort of the Christian message calls us all, both young and not so young, to a life of mission and Christian service. We see in Christ, God’s love and message of hope for the world made real and that our service as a youth department is in response to God’s work.

Where Do We Work?

Our work take us across the island of Ireland, supporting parishes and especially Diocesan based youth ministry. CIYD is also an active member of Youth Link (NI), the National Youth Council of Ireland, Youth Net (NI) and Summer Madness, alongside other service providers.

CIYD is core funded by the Representative Church Body, the Office of the Minister for Children of Youth Affairs, and we receive support from the Church of Ireland Priorities Fund.

What We Do?

The Youth Department offers a range of services, programmes and resources. We equip, empower and engage the Church of Ireland, young people and adult youth leaders with the right skills, knowledge and understanding that allows progressive youth ministry to occur. Currently we operate a number of specific programmes:

The Future?

As an all-Ireland youth organisation, in looking to the future we face both new opportunities and significant challenges as we fulfill our mission of equipping, engaging and empowering youth work across the Church of Ireland. This is an exciting journey, do join us!